Neal Hemphill

Neal Hemphill is an actor, filmmaker, and photographer.

As an actor, Neal has worked in 31 states and 3 foreign countries, performing everything from off-off-Broadway solo shows to feature films to major touring productions.  He's always had a camera with him, and has taken photos everywhere he's gone.  This lifelong interest in performing and looking through a lens has led to third passion - filmmaking.  

Neal's passion for storytelling is now being expressed through screenwriting, directing, producing, and acting, as well as photography.  The common threads are heart, humanism, and love of life. 


A Wonderful Day

Aba Woodruff

Aba Woodruff

Ruben Flores

Ruben Flores

I so greatly enjoyed all of the work today.

Although I'm still recovering from a nasty bout of the flu, I'm able to go out and have full days. However, today was rainy and chilly, and I was really dragging.  I was immediately picked up by the actors for the rehearsal of the scene I'd written.  Aba Woodruff and Ruben Flores brought to it exactly what I was looking for, only even better than I'd imagined.  We had some staging things to work out, and a few moments to explore, but essentially they were right on target.

Then I went to rehearse for an ambitious short film project.  It shoots four days, and has multiple locations and actors, including a child.  They'll begin this weekend, but I don't shoot until the following weekend.

It was the first I'd met the director, Prabal Chakraborty.  He'd seen my work in a film, and I was recommended to him by his producer.  So, today was the first we'd met.  He made a terrific impression on me, and I was already impressed because of the improvements he made in his script.

The lead actress, Pia Pownall, is going to be terrific in the lead.  I play her boss who has chosen her to be lead architect on a huge project.  I really look forward to getting on set with her and Prabal and getting to work.

But the best part of the day was the last part. In Lab tonight, Ruben and Aba did beautiful work. After I gave the first round of direction, our teacher, Ela Thier, gave them each an important adjustment that took it all to another level.  

One of the things that is still a tremendous thrill for me is to see something I've written be brought to life in a compelling way.  It's fulfilling and exciting.  That happened tonight.

Now Aba and Ruben and I are talking about producing it, which is really promising.  Yes to making films!