Neal Hemphill

Neal Hemphill is an actor, filmmaker, and photographer.

As an actor, Neal has worked in 31 states and 3 foreign countries, performing everything from off-off-Broadway solo shows to feature films to major touring productions.  He's always had a camera with him, and has taken photos everywhere he's gone.  This lifelong interest in performing and looking through a lens has led to third passion - filmmaking.  

Neal's passion for storytelling is now being expressed through screenwriting, directing, producing, and acting, as well as photography.  The common threads are heart, humanism, and love of life. 


Acting in a Scene I wrote

Today's work was prepping, and then doing a scene I wrote, in The Independent Film School acting class tonight.

It's a scene from a full-length film script that is a work-in-progress.  The script, that is.  The scene is fully baked, as we discovered tonight.  In other words, it works.  Really well.

Acting in my own work is getting increasingly comfortable.  It's a revelatory experience because as I do it, I feel so at home.  It must be the fact that I know the story so well, whatever the scene is from.

I worked tonight with a young actor, Angel Sampedro, who played my son in the scene.  We connected to the circumstances, and played simply and truthfully.  It felt fantastic.

I'm getting a huge kick from doing my own scenes. 

Regarding the writing...when I started a few years back, I wrote some pretty poor stuff.  I've come a long way, in that I've written a fairly big number of really good scenes and short film scripts.  I know how to write a good 2- or 3- character scene that cooks.  My next step - a big one - is to write a full-length script.  

I'm working on it!