Neal Hemphill

Neal Hemphill is an actor, filmmaker, and photographer.

As an actor, Neal has worked in 31 states and 3 foreign countries, performing everything from off-off-Broadway solo shows to feature films to major touring productions.  He's always had a camera with him, and has taken photos everywhere he's gone.  This lifelong interest in performing and looking through a lens has led to third passion - filmmaking.  

Neal's passion for storytelling is now being expressed through screenwriting, directing, producing, and acting, as well as photography.  The common threads are heart, humanism, and love of life. 


Submission to SoHo Photography Gallery

The Event Space at B&H - the famous electronics store in NYC - teamed up with the SoHo Photography Gallery to create a Portfolio Development Program.  It's included attending a number of classes and critiques,  as well as creating new images and posting them to social media.  Having a website (or creating one) is a requirement also.  The end product is a group show of photographs at the SoHo Photo Gallery in May 2014.  Today I will submit my three photos for consideration for the group show.

It's been a lot of work, and I've grown a lot in my photography.  One thing that it's done is convinced me to carry my camera with me every day.  Not my iPhone camera (of course I still carry that), but my DSLR, which happens to be a Nikon D90.  It's a commitment to put that into my bag on a daily basis.  But if I hadn't done that, many images that have made me very happy to shoot, never would've been shot.

These are the three images I'm submitting.  Decisions will be made by the end of March.

DSC_1876 - Version 29.jpg
_DSC9055 - Version 4.jpg