Neal Hemphill

Neal Hemphill is an actor, filmmaker, and photographer.

As an actor, Neal has worked in 31 states and 3 foreign countries, performing everything from off-off-Broadway solo shows to feature films to major touring productions.  He's always had a camera with him, and has taken photos everywhere he's gone.  This lifelong interest in performing and looking through a lens has led to third passion - filmmaking.  

Neal's passion for storytelling is now being expressed through screenwriting, directing, producing, and acting, as well as photography.  The common threads are heart, humanism, and love of life. 


Updated November 2015

I'm in development on a number of short films, and am making plans to shoot a few more shorts in the near future:

  • A piece written for myself and my friend Jonathan Hamilton Ragins, "The Mentor" is set on a beach. It's about saying good-bye to someone you love, someone you've helped and that you want nothing but good things to come their way. But good-bye is good-bye, and the loss is nearly unbearable.
  • I really look forward to directing a comic piece I wrote, with Vish Vishwas and David King. Titled "Directions," it's about a well-to-do motorist whose GPS has led him astray to a dirt road deep in the woods, where he has an encounter with an eccentric mountain man.
  • An ambitious short film written for Ariel Pacheco has a young man trying desperately to change his life, but the easy opportunity for a theft brings about a crisis. With his life on the line, can he bring himself to do the right thing?

And - I've recently completed the first draft of my first feature-length screenplay! Based on a short film script I wrote ("Zach in Mourning"), it follows two late-30's wastrels, Zach and Fish-Lips, as they heroically attempt to get a chunk of money together to travel to Zach's family reunion. There's a lot at stake, as Zach's Mom has had her fill of his wayward life, and gives him an ultimatum to be there, or be cut out of her life - and her will.

Can Zach, with the help(?) of his friend Fish-Lips, get it together to show up, and thereby save his relationship with his Mom?