Neal Hemphill

Neal Hemphill is an actor, filmmaker, and photographer.

As an actor, Neal has worked in 31 states and 3 foreign countries, performing everything from off-off-Broadway solo shows to feature films to major touring productions.  He's always had a camera with him, and has taken photos everywhere he's gone.  This lifelong interest in performing and looking through a lens has led to third passion - filmmaking.  

Neal's passion for storytelling is now being expressed through screenwriting, directing, producing, and acting, as well as photography.  The common threads are heart, humanism, and love of life. 


"Dressed" at Queens World Film Festival

My short film, "Dressed," will play at the Queens World Film Festival on March 20th.

I wrote and directed this piece, and I'm very proud of it. What I'm most proud of is how much the finished film fulfilled the vision I had as I wrote it.

I've worked with the actor Nabil Vinas. In fact, Nabil played this character is in my first film, "Top of the World." Nabil is fantastic, and I was thrilled to write another piece for him to be in.

I had no one in mind for the other role, and I had auditions. I couldn't be happier than I am with the performance that Pat Nesbit delivered.

There was another wonderful actress at the audition, and I strongly considered casting her. I'm sure she would've been terrific, but it would have made a different film. I'm so glad we made this one.