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Eight Years after shooting, "Natalie" premieres in NYC

Laura Durkay, center, has been a filmmaking ally of mine for a long time. She produced and was 1st Asst Dir. on a few of my short films. She is a prolific screenwriter, and a really good one.

Eight years ago, she shot her first feature, "Natalie," in NYC. The intervening years brought a number of setbacks to completing the film. But - it's done, and it played at The People's Film Festival in Harlem over the weekend.

This dedication and tenacity is inspiring, as is the film itself, which is beautifully directed, shot, acted, and edited.

Also in the photo is Ela Thier, who is a filmmaker and teacher. Laura and I were in her classes for many years, and now Laura teaches at Ela's The Independent Film School. Laura wrote this script while we were taking classes with Ela, who served as a Consulting Producer on the film.

I play a small role as a grieving father in this mystery story. So nice to see it on the big screen after all this time!

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