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"The Minutes" by Tracy Letts.

Bold theatrical moments and effects in the theatre can be stunning and memorable, if well-earned and if they spring from the text.

I was stunned by the ending of "The Minutes" on Broadway. On reflection, having seen Letts' "Killer Joe" off-Broadway years back, perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised.

Letts has become one of our leading playwrights (and a brilliant actor as well), which has made him famous in theatrical circles. And this play is on Broadway.

But an artist of Letts' caliber is true to himself, not to the demands of the marketplace. I was fooled into forgetting that this man takes risks as a writer, and that he goes to deep and dark places to expose truths of our society.

The rain of blood ending of the Ivo Van Hove directed "A View from the Bridge" is a similar, lasting, and powerful image.

I applaud Tracy Letts' willingness to challenge all of us who are fortunate to see his work. I do know that it's certainly not to everyone's taste, but he's one of my artistic heroes.

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