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My first day as an actor/director

This photo is not in great focus. Our sound recordist has his head down, and the background is marred by the big NYC bus blocking the trees and the greenery across the street.

But I love this photo.

This was a handful of years ago, and was the first day that I directed a script that I wrote. I also acted in the film. The cinematographer, Ramazan Nanayev, was a tremendous collaborator. I counted on him and the 1st A.D./Producer Laura Durkay to be the eyes and the judgement needed as I was pulling double duty as director/actor.

We worked well that day, and made a lovely little film.

And my feelings about it all are very positive. I feel happy when I think about the entire process, and especially that shoot day.

I believe that we need images of ourselves to sustain us. The creative life is full of challenges that lead to doubts and dry spells. But seeing the joy and the fruits of the work keeps the fire in the belly.

Some pictures are beautifully shot and tell a story with amazing composition and light.

Others have meaning regardless of the “quality” of the photograph.

This photo speaks volumes to me.

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